Howdy! I'm Himani Deshpande
I'm a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University, working at the Human Computer Interaction Engineering and Design (HCIED) lab. With my background in Computer Engineering and Industrial Design, my HCI research interests lie in the fields of Digital Fabrication, Maker Culture, Education Technology, and Tangible Interactions.
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Featured Research and Projects
Fab4D: An Accessible Hybrid Approach for Programmable Shaping and Shape Changing Artifacts
4D printing, FDM, craft, makerspaces
In this Work-in-Progress, we take a hybrid craft + fabrication approach to 4D printing, showcasing an accessible design space and potential applications for the techniques.

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Multi-ttach: Techniques to Enhance Multi-material Attachments in Low-cost FDM 3D Printing
3D printing, multi-material, adhesion, fabrication
This work proposes techniques to modify sliced G-code of multi-material files to create interlocking structures between dissimilar materials and enhance the multi-material adhesion.
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EscapeLoom: Fabricating New Affordance for hand Weaving 

Weaving, Digital Fabrication
Through this work we discuss the potential of 3D printed aids in the craft of hand-weaving leveraging various material properties of FDM filaments and providing a tool for users to create said 3D printed aids.
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Heat-Based Fabrication Techniques for Upcycling HDPE Plastic Bags 
MID Thesis 2019-2020
DRS 2022
Plastic Upcycling, DIY Fabrication, Recycled Craft
This study presents a set of fabrication techniques for upcycling HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) plastic bags. It enables not only recycling abandoned plastic bags but also creating 3D objects by folding and joining the newly fused plastic sheet. 
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Bee a Pollinator! 
Spring 2019
Tangible, Embodied, Playful Interactions, Interactive exhibit, User Experience
This project is an exhibit targeted at children aged 3-7 that aims to communicate concepts related to the topic of pollination as well as facilitate embodied, collaborative play. It was designed for the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. We aim at using the informal learning space of a museum as an avenue for STEM education. 
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Fall 2018
Tangible Interaction, Interactive product, User Experience
This product is a way for users who became blind later in life, and know what colors are, to understand color through a touch interaction. This portable product consists of a color sensor and a dial on top that turns once a color is sensed to indicate what color it is in Braille on the dial.
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Hand-Washing Carnival 
Spring 2018
Tangible, Embodied, Playful interactions, Interactive Exhibit, User Experience
This project is an interactive installation designed for the waiting areas of Children’s hospitals. It is an example of how learning can be facilitated through context of the space as well as play and embodied interaction. We aim at communicating the CDC specified way of washing hands through a puzzle to get the sequence of washing hands correctly. 
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